zondag 8 augustus 2010

Felt food

Hi everyone ! As mentioned before, I haven't been making cards a lot lately but I did find some time (and space ! - renovations !) to make this fun play food for my girls :

pancakes with brown sugar, butter and strawberries:

an overview :

a bag of chips :

pasta :

I have always liked felt as material but never knew what to do with it. Lately I'm just bursting with ideas, now I only have to find the time ....

At this moment I'm experimenting to make a club sandwich with lettuce, cheese and ham and the chocolate cookies are almost ready...

Have a great sunday


maandag 2 augustus 2010

New card

Hallo bloggers ! Het is ondertussen een tijdje geleden dat ik nog iets gepost heb. Reden hiervoor is uiteraard de vakantieperiode en het mooie weer. Ook ben ik aan een aantal andere projecten aan het werken. Maar meer hierover later....

Hi everyone ! I haven't been making cards a lot due to the summer vacation and because I've been working on some other projects. I will be sharing some of my creations later on.

Ik heb wel deze kaart gemaakt voor m'n mémé die in juli 80 is geworden. Ik vind de laatste release van In2Stamps zo'n nostalgische sfeer uitstralen dus de keuze voor m'n kaart was vlug gemaakt : Emily sniffing flower.

Materialen :
Martha Stewart Border punch
Prima bloemen & moerbei bloemetjes
Stiksels & 80 uitgesneden met Cricut

However here's a card I made for my grandmother who turned 80 in july. The latest release has such a great nostalgic feel so I tought "Emily sniffing a flower " was just the perfect image for my card.
Coloring is done with watercolour pencils.
Flowers from Prima & mulberry flowers
Martha Stewart heart punch, some machine stitching and a little cake doily.

Fijne dag iedereeen !!

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